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TeamSybase Galmour Shots

The Boris Gasin The Boris Gasin

Mr. PFC Guide, TeamSybase MVPIII, Co-author of the Borg Bible, Author of PowerTimes "PFC Place", Author of "Secrets of the Masters" PFC Chapter, PFC speaker, Yes, Mr. PFC Himself

John Olson John Olson

Author of PBDJ's "PFC Corner", Author of several "Secrets of the Masters" chapters, PFC speaker

Steve Benfield Steve Benfield

PBDJ Editor in Chief, Cornerstone architect, fun PB/PFC/BOE teacher, SilverStream forerunner

Bill Green
Jon Credit

Mr. Container Man (Mr. NVO<g>), Mr. Credit's Corner, Java and Internet guru, Bori Roomi

Bill Green
Bill Green

Former PB Advisor's Mr. Ask Advisor, Godfather of Service-Based Architecture, Leader in BOE & OO, Co-author of awesome PFC book, Co-author of excellent OO book

Millard Brown Millard Brown

OO expert, Co-author of excellent OO book, Co-author of awesome PFC book

Breck Carter Breck Carter

Transaction Management guru, Database wizzard, Famous for his top-notch PB tips and all-time popular web site

Larry Cermak Larry Cermak

PowerBuilder and Database guru, Known for his dedication to quality end-products, Author of several PB Advisor magazine articles, Speaker at many events



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