Christmas'98  Family Friends SkiTrip Back

Holiday Valley Fun Place


All bundled up and ready to tackle the slopes
Ski31.jpg (15367 bytes)


On the snow
Ski96.jpg (9561 bytes)

Ahh, sweet relief
The partying begins!
SkiDance70.jpg (19618 bytes) SkiDance69.jpg (17686 bytes) SkiDance68.jpg (18340 bytes) SkiDance66.jpg (19105 bytes) SkiDance65.jpg (19080 bytes) SkiDance64.jpg (20469 bytes) SkiDance63.jpg (20450 bytes) SkiDance62.jpg (19613 bytes) Ski60.jpg (16225 bytes) Ski57.jpg (16865 bytes) Ski58.jpg (17713 bytes)


And continues across the street
Ski55.jpg (19382 bytes) Ski47.jpg (16878 bytes) Ski48.jpg (18905 bytes)


A more sedated party night after the last one <g>


The journey back was long and slippery <g>


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