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Sharon's Favorite Puzzle, Oh Yeah!

from my former ingenius coworker Jeff Reagan

You have 12 balls, all of equal weight, except for one odd-ball... You do not know if it is heavier or lighter than the other balls.

(And, to all you smarty pants out there, it is inperceptible to any human by mere observation which ball is the odd-ball !)

So... You may use a balance, and you get three different weighings. Try to figure out, in only three weighings, no matter which ball it is, which ball is the odd ball and whether is it heavier or lighter than the rest.

Genius Visitors...

Don Ader
Sam Holden
Irene Troupansky
John Crider
Vijaysingh Bais
Barry Brdar
Carlo Borreo
Randall Flagg
Lisle Jaftha
Mark A. Tisdale
Larry Farkash

Boris Guberman
Waldemar Czapski
Steve Winn
Terry Craig
Yang Lim

Karthik Skrishnan
Peter Sullivan
Chris Dauer
Paul Hanson
C.K. Hung
Jim Drash

Ask Sharon for a clue
Beg Sharon for the doggone answer
Brag to Sharon that you are a genius because you have the solution

  Okay, Warning!  This puzzle is much more involved and complicated than it innocently looks...  Pace yourself and do not become obsessed with trying to figure it out!...  
P.S. Hit your "Stop" button to stop them balls from driving you batty!


Well, if you can't figure out that doozie...  Here, try this one!   Compliments of my net friend Alexis Leon...

I have 10 packs of cigarettes each containing 10 cigs.  Each cigarette weighs 10gms.  But in one packet the weight of all the cigs is 11gms.  Can you identify the packet with the 11gm-cigs in only one weighing?


Still too hard?  Okay, try this one!   Compliments of my net friend Dr. Julius H. Jacobson.  As Dr. J put it, "The solution is simple and delightful (no pun intended)"...

There is a room with three ordinary light switches and an adjacent room a short flight up with an ordinary table lamp within it.  With a single trip upstairs, you must determine which of the three switches controls the lamp.




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