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What's New in PFC 6.0 ?

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Release Notes for PFC Version 6.0 [from Readme.txt]

Copyright 1996-1997 Sybase, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All rights reserved.

Updated 11/14/97

Contents of this file:
New Libraries
New Extension Objects
New Syntax
Obsolete Library
Known Issues
Documentation Updates

PFC 6.0 contains two new libraries for utility-oriented services:

Both existing and new PFC applications should include these libraries
in their application paths.

The following PFE-level objects from prior versions of PFC have been
moved to PFEUTIL.PBL. If you have existing applications with customized
extension PBLs, you may wish to synchronize their contents with the
object list found in PFEUTIL.PBL. This is not required.

The following objects were moved to PFEUTIL.PBL:

These extension objects should be included in your customized
extension PBLs. The object name, PowerBuilder library, and
release are listed for each new extension object.
For more information or help on retaining customizations to your
extension levels when upgrading to a new release of PFC, please
refer to Powersoft Faxline #4505.

Note: this step is only necessary for migrating existing PFC
applications to a newer version of PFC.

5.0.02 n_cst_filesrvmac pfeapsrv.pbl
5.0.02 n_cst_filesrvsol2 pfeapsrv.pbl
5.0.02 n_cst_platformmac pfeapsrv.pbl
5.0.02 n_cst_platformsol2 pfeapsrv.pbl
5.0.02 w_print pfeapsrv.pbl

6.0 n_cst_apppreference pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_color pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_columnattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_dberrorattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_dropdown pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_filesrvaix pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_filesrvhpux pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_infoattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_linkedlistbase pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_linkedlistnode pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_linkedlistnodecompare pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_list pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_luw pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_lvsrv pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_lvsrv_datasource pfeapsrv.bpl
6.0 n_cst_lvsrv_sort pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_lvsrvattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_metaclass pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_mru pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_mruattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_nodebase pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_nodecomparebase pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_platformaix pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_platformhpux pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_queue pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_stack pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tmgmultiple pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tmgregisterattrib pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tmgsingle pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tree pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_treenode pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_treenodecompare pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tvsrv pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tvsrv_levelsource pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tvsrv_print pfeapsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_tvsrvattrib pfeapsrv.pbl

6.0 n_cst_dssrv_multitable pfedwsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_dssrv_printpreview pfedwsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_dssrv_report pfedwsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_dwsrv_resize pfedwsrv.pbl
6.0 n_cst_restorerowattrib pfedwsrv.pbl
6.0 w_restorerow pfedwsrv.pbl

6.0 m_lvs pfemain.pbl
6.0 m_tvs pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_base pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_cst_baseattrib pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_cst_calculatorattrib pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_cst_calendarattrib pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_cxinfo pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_cxk pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_dda pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_dsa pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_inet pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_ir pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_oo pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_ostg pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_ostm pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_srv pfemain.pbl
6.0 n_tmg pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_base pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_calculator pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_calendar pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_lvs pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_progressbar pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_st_splitbar pfemain.pbl
6.0 u_tvs pfemain.pbl

6.0 *n_cst_dwpropertyattrib pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *n_cst_dwsrv_property pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *n_cst_propertyattrib pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tab_dwproperty pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tab_dwproperty_srv pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_base pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_buffers pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_services pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvcalculator pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvcalendar pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvcalendar2 pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvdropdownsearch pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvfilter pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvfind pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvlinkage pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvlinkage2 pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvmultitable pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvprintpreview pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvquerymode pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvreport pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvreqcolumn pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvresize pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvrowmanager pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvrowselection pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvsort pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_srvsyntax pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *u_tabpg_dwproperty_status pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *w_dwproperty pfeutil.pbl
6.0 *w_dwpropertyservices pfeutil.pbl

* = these objects are in a new PFC PBL. No action should be required
to incorporate these objects into existing customized extension libraries
as long as you will be including PFEUTIL.PBL in your application path.

There has been new syntax added to PFC for consistency, ease of use
in the product, and new functionality. Some existing syntax has been
"obsoleted" in favor of the new syntax. This syntax will be removed from
PFC in a future version of the product.

Old syntax New syntax
---------- ----------
all prefixed constants CAPS and non-prefixed
of_GetColumnNameSource of_GetColumnDisplayNameStyle
of_SetColumnNameSource of_SetColumnDisplayNameStyle
of_RefreshDDDWs of_PopulateDDDWs
of_SetUpdateBottomUp of_SetUpdateStyle
of_GetUpdateBottomUp of_GetUpdateStyle
of_SetUseColLinks of_SetStyle
of_GetUseColLinks of_GetStyle
of_SetArguments of_Register
of_ResetArguments of_UnRegister
of_GetArguments of_GetRegistered
of_LinkTo of_SetMaster
of_UnLink of_ResetMaster
ib_updatebottomup ii_updatestyle
of_AddColumn of_Register
of_GetColumn of_GetRegistered
of_AddToUpdate of_Register
pfc_retrievedddw pfc_populatedddw
of_GetUpdateable of_IsUpdateable
of_DayofWeek DayNumber
pfc_w_dwdebugger pfc_w_dwproperty
pfc_w_undelete pfc_w_restorerow

PFCOLD.PBL contains objects which have been obsoleted from PFC.
You will need to include it when migrating PFC applications to PFC 6.0.

After your existing PFC apps have been migrated, it is only necessary
to include this library if you have customized extension objects which
depend on it.

Note that all obsoleted objects do have replacement objects.


The following two files can be found in an uncompressed format on the CD.
Pfcdlg16.hlp - 16bit dialog help
pfcdlg.rtf - Use this source file to extend the PFC dialog help.

Remember to read the Technical Migration Information for Migrating to
PowerBuilder 6.0.
Feedback and comments are welcomed - pfc@powersoft.com


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What's New in PFC 6.0 (from projection list) ?

[Official place for PFC 6.0 Projection List:   Faxback]
[How to fix AutoInstantiated Objects]

PFC post-5.0 Features List

The following features list is for upcoming functionality which should appear in the next release of the PowerBuilder Foundation
Class Library (PFC). This should allow PFC developers to best leverage their development time by implementing other
functionality and extensions which will not become core to the PFC base classes in the immediate future.

This list does not include features that will be added to PFC designed to supplement any new PowerBuilder release-specific

This document is also not meant to serve as a guarantee of committed features and is subject to change. This list will be
updated as additional decisions on features and/or enhancements are made.

1. DataWindow Services

1.1 DataWindow Linkage service

Handles cascading deletes to linked DataWindows
New delete style for specifying how child rows are deleted
New update style which supports mixed INSERT/DELETE SQL for the DataWindow hierarchy, preserving referential
Support for updating the DataWindow hierarchy when using retrieval style of linkage
Undelete capabilities supported

1.2 DataWindow Resize service

Register DataWindow columns, specifying how they will be scaled and moved when the DataWindow control is resized
Equivalent capabilities as the window resize service
Supports various DataWindow presentation styles

1.3 DataWindow DropDownCalendar service

Allows any date columns in a DataWindow to offer a dropdown calendar
Allows users to easily view and select dates

1.4 DropDownCalculator service

Allows any numeric columns in a DataWindow to offer a dropdown calculator
Allows users to easily and quickly enter numeric data based on simple calculations

1.5 DataWindow Properties service

Developer tool for viewing the internal properties of a DataWindow
Allows for service debugging
Allows row buffers and row/column statuses to be manipulated
Support for DataWindows and datastores

2. Application Services

2.1 Security service

Support for security on dynamically opened objects, including popup menus
Security at an object-level, as well as window-level basis
Query security permissions for an object at runtime
Support for security on nonvisual methods - functions and events

2.2 Message Broadcaster service

Generic broadcasting service for sending messages - any registered objects interested in receiving the message will be
Objects may register themselves for individual messages, or groups of messages to receive notifications on
Data passing with messages supported
Unregistering of objects/messages supported
Support for both local and/or distributed PB use. This allows for broadcasting of asynchronous messages to multiple
clients connected to a server by a client or server process

2.3 Application Preference service

Save and Restore User Application Level Settings, such as toolbartext and toolbartips settings and Application Level
Settings, such as helpfile name and application object properties
Extensible architecture for adding your own application properties to be saved
Support for registry/INI

2.4 Error Message service

Messages can be logged to a database
Caching of messages supported

2.5 DataWindow caching service

Enhanced to support caching of direct datastore references, SQL source strings

3. Window Services

3.1 Window Most-Recently-Used service

Register windows which can be "re-opened" from the File menu
Allows users to easily go back to windows that have previously been opened in earlier sessions
Provides a mechanism to easily save and reuse initialization for the window

3.2 Customize Toolbar Dialog

Allow for full customization of menu toolbars including available toolbar icons, order, and spacing

3.3 Window Sheet Manager service

Option to limit the total number of sheets which can be opened
Option to limit the number of sheets specified by class, title, etc

3.4 Window Resize service enhancements

Added percentages information for an object to specify how it resizes/moves when the object containing it is resized

4. Main classes

4.1 SplitBar

Allows adjacent controls to be resized with a horizontal or vertical splitbar
Allows for "Explorer-like" view of controls
Multiple splitbars may be used as needed
Splitbar control may be used with windows or userobjects
Works in conjunction with resize service

4.2 Master Window class

Finer grained control of save process
Specific controls may be specified to be included in save process
Ordering of controls to be updated is supported
Extensible architecture for defining how new controls may automatically be picked up by the save process by defining
self-updateable objects

4.3 Linked List and Tree services

Generic linked lists, queues, stacks, and tree objects
Support different styles, fully configurable

4.5 Datastores

Better support for datastores provided including the use of several of the DataWindow services
Support for the same capabilities as pfc_u_dw class (where appropriate)

5. Others

5.1 Common Service Ancestor

All service classes now inherit from a common ancestor

5.2 Coding Conventions

Use of constants within services for various "style" settings
More consistent API to services, allowing for easier use and quicker learning curve

5.3 PFC Code Examples

Enhanced to provide examples of every PFC service
Provide examples of all PFC controls and window classes
Aids in learning curve for PFC


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...PFC 5 Release Notes:  PFC 5.0.04 + PFC 5.0.04 Y2K + PB 5.0.04 EBF#3 (includes Y2K fixes) + PB 5.0.04
...PFC 5 Release Notes:  PFC 5.0.03 + PB 5.0.03   |   PFC 5.0.02   |   PFC 5.0.01
...PFC/PB Release Downloads:  Maintenance Downloads
...PFC Upgrade Check List: Cheat Sheet Upgrade Check List | PFCGuide Migration Check List | Faxback #44505

What's New in PB 6.0?

[smallhot.gif (610 bytes)  PFC/PB Y2K FAQ]
[Official place for PB 6.0 Release Notes:   Faxback] [Sybase Downloads]

Official place for PB 6.0 Release Notes:  Faxback


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