"TOP 10 Ten Reasons Why The Borg Won't Post His Jpeg"

special thanks to Kevin Ridley

"TOP 10 Reasons Why The Borg Won't Post His Jpeg"

10. Afraid his pfc_u_borg 'Visual Object' would have no Class

9. Claims he did, but actually he accidentally forgot to include it in his .PBR file

8. Concerned with legalese of his Non-Disclosure of 'his likeness to Powersoft' Agreement, as advised by his App Manager

7. Got GPF or inv_metaclass.OBJ_NOT_FOUND from of_Retrieve('Boris.jpg') as he only exists in PFC Virtual High Memory space

6. Fears Sharon might have some OO fun with Polymorphism with it in Paint Shop Pro or PeopleSoft

5. Probably his PFE-layer ancestor has His.Visible=FALSE or else it has declared His.of_Show() function as Private:

4. Ran out of free monthly time from his ISP

3. Leary that it would detract from his precious aura of TeamSybase mystique, or worse yet,

then maybe every time he went out in public he might be bombarded by PFC fans with PFC questions

2. Was afraid someone would alter it and post it on news://alt.binaries.PFC.WebMaster.Gurus


AND THE #1 reason The Borg won't post his picture IS:

1. It simply ain't PFC-Related...

...and so Howard might reprimand him publically for posting it to the pfcsig...

...forcing him to signoff <g>


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