Sharon Buntz

Sharon Buntz
Software QA Analyst

  • Experienced Functional Tester (manual+automated), Professional, Team Player
  • Experienced Web & Client/Server Developer
  • Strong written, verbal, customer-service, problem-solving & organizational skills
  • Certified SilverStream Java Developer (web application)
  • Certified PowerBuilder Developer Professional (client/server)
  • 11 years QA experience, 16 years web experience, 14 years client/server experience

MERCURY QuickTestPro/WinRunner/LoadRunner + QualityCenter/TestDirector
RATIONAL Robot + ClearQuest, MICROSOFT Visual Studio (TestManager + TeamSuite)
SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MSSQLServer, MSAccess, ODBC, JDBC
StarTeam, CVS, SharePoint, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project, Visio, FrontPage)

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Latest Endeavors...   (last updated August 2015)

Sharon is looking for a new challenge in the New Braunfels / Schertz / Selma / GardenRidge area (in Texas)...  developing web applications as a QA Analyst.

Why a QA Analyst versus a Developer? 

One thing that has always contributed to Sharon's success in Programming is her excellence in Testing, plus her focus on Quality.  Sharon has always taken on the role of an unofficial QAer within her Programming Teams, and so the transition to her new role as a full-time Software Quality Assurance Analyst (over the past 7 years) has been easy and very satisfying.  She is truly a natural.

Sharon has a history of becoming productive very quickly, and she would love to prove it to you and the rest of your Team.

Any ideas or suggestions?  Write me!

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CaptureRx, April 2013 - July 2015, San Antonio, Texas

Sharon enjoyed working with the folks at CaptureRx, to "expand HealthCare".  Together we made it possible for those in need to get the prescription drugs that they need.  We did this by partnering with Clients, Pharmacies and Wholesalers to process prescription claims to determine if it qualitifies for the "340B" goverernment discount.

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TheSCOOTER Store, July 2011 - April 2013, New Braunfels, Texas!

Sharon alas worked at her "dream job" at The SCOOTER Store (in her neighborhood)...  Every day was Christmas, and we were Santa Claus ... delivering freedom and independence to those with limited mobility.  TSS valued PEOPLE as the most important part of a company, and TSS Employees valued our CUSTOMERS that we were helping.  But so sad to say, TSS is now closed.  To me, TSS just got too good and specialized at helping too many people get a power wheelchair (usually via Medicare)...  We should have branched out to other avenues of helping people achieve their freedom and independence.

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Clear Channel, December 2006 - July 2011, San Antonio, Texas

Sharon joined a brand new QA Team at Clear Channel.  Together we developed web service-based applications that allow Partners to buy and sell radio audio commercials as well as stream audio radio over the internet - plus ad banners.  In addition, we developed portal software to allow Advertiser and Municipality partners to control the ads and alerts that play on the new Digital Billboards across America.  This changed the way Clear Channel does business.

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Consultis  Cell Exchange

Consultis / Cell Exchange, June 2006 - December 2006, Boson, Mass + San Antonio, Texas

Sharon had the pleasure and honor of working with an awesome J2EE Team on this exciting QA project.  She consulted via Consultis and CellExchange for a project at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio.  Together they developed a program to help develop people in the Air Force.  It helps guide people to "be all that they can be"...  from how to achieve the next "rank"...  to where they want to go long term...  People helping people become who they want to be.  What nobler goal could there be?

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Harcourt Assessment

Harcourt Assessment, April 2002 - June 2006, San Antonio, Texas

Over the past 2 years, Sharon has been enjoying QAing software at Harcourt.  Our cutting-edge J2EE/Java web application is called Spectrum, and it is the customer's portal to all services offered by our company.  It is beautiful.  Check it out. 

Before transitioning over to a Software QA Analyst, Sharon enjoyed developing the revolutionary IDEA applications using PowerBuilder, PFC, EAServer & J2EE/Java to help create exams to assess students' progress in their learning experience.

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RCI Technologies, Inc.

RCI Technologies, Inc., May 2001 - September 2001, San Antonio, Texas

Sharon enjoyed creating a new PowerBuilder application called STARS to keep track of items that are checked in and out to students.

Sharon also totally overhauled RCI's existing FAMP application which inventories assets of schools.

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AC, Inc.

AC, Inc., May 2000 - January 2001, Alabama tele-commuting from Texas

Sharon enjoyed mentoring a team of SilverStream Java developers at AC, Inc.  She helped them find solutions to their problems, and she also helped prepare them for their SilverStream/Java/J2EE certifications.

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Kellner Systems

Kellner Systems, April 2000 - July 2000, California tele-commuting from Texas

Sharon immensely enjoyed creating a pilot SilverStream/J2EE/Java web application for Kellner Systems.  Together, Peter & Sharon created a web-based equivalent of Peter's Optometric Practice Management System ~ completely over the internet!

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Freelance, 1997 ~ 1999

Sharon helped create a new PFC Exam with

Sharon authored a couple of PFC technical chapters in these two exciting PowerBuilder books...

PB 6.0 - Secrets of the PB Masters

PowerBuilder 6.0 - Secrets of the PowerBuilder Masters
Chapter 12: "PFC 6.0 Main Class Enhancements"
PFC Programmers' Reference Manual PFC Programmer's Reference Manual
Appendix J - pfc_w_master

Sharon also authored some FAQs at the PFC Guide...

And of course, Sharon created the PFC Cheat Sheet site...

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PG&E Gas Transmission

PG&E Gas Transmission - Texas, May 1998 - December 1998, San Antonio, Texas

Sharon sincerely enjoyed working with the wonderful people at PG&E. So much that Sharon hopes to return to PG&E after her sabbatical to learn SilverStream. The people at PG&E are intelligent, wise and creative.

Together we implemented a new (PowerBuilder) system that was purchased from TransEnergy.

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PEIMS pictureRSCCC banner

NewData Strategies / Education Service Center, Region 20, September 1996 - April 1998, San Antonio, Texas and New Braunfels, Texas

Sharon learned all about the PFC as she and the wonderful people at Education Service Center, Region 20 so boldy pioneered the unchartered PFC waters... as they began their adventure creating their new PC-based applications. The new RSCCC 2000 software will soon be used at districts and campuses all throught the big state of Texas, 700 or so... Sharon has learned that the more she teaches; the more she learns; and of course, she learns there is still yet even more to learn!

Special thanks to Judy Cote and the TeamSybase gurus (especially Boris Gasin) for helping all of us along the way.

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Aerotek / Electronic Data Services (EDS), March 1996 to September 1996, San Antonio, Texas

Sharon had the pleasure of working with some very interesting folks at EDS when she finally moved back home to Texas. At EDS, we developed some PowerBuilder applications to be used by all military hospitals for all three branches of service, the Army, Navy and Air Force, all around the world.

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Client Server Associates (Now Lucrum) / Square D Company, June 1994 to March 1996, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sharon's PowerBuilder career began with the most wonderful opportunity to work with the talented individuals at Client Server Associates and Square D, as together they so bravely reengineered and rewrote from the ground up, the entire business processes... leading the way as one of the very first PowerBuilder and Sybase systems to be implemented to production to users internationally.

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Origin Technology in Business, Community Mutual Blue Cross (now Anthem),
AGS Information Services, Prompt Business Systems

1983 to 1994, Cincinnati, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas

Oh yes, and Sharon has had eight looong, boring years of experience working on mainframe systems.

Before that, Sharon consulted at IBM Lexington, working on PC's back when PC XT/ATs were hot.

Sharon also worked on an IBM Series/1 minicomputer, where she did everything from programming to system generations and configurations, back in the good ol' days when it was possible to know everything about the hardware, operating system and software.

Her humble beginnings were using Datapoint machines, first doing data entry, then learning about the programs behind the scenes.

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E-Certified PowerBuilder Master - See Sharon's transcript, ID= 34774Couple of Fun e-Exams
PBWizzard from contest in June, 1999
e-Master as of August, 1999

Sharon won a WizardHunt PowerBuilder contest.

Sharon is e-Certified as a PowerBuilder Master from BrainBench.  See her transcript, ID= 34774

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CPD Pro CertificateCPD Professional Title
Pro as of May, 1997  [Associate as of May, 1994]

Sharon has worked hard for her CPD Professional status.  For help with yours, visit Sharon's CPD Page .

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