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"Cheat Sheet" for PowerBuilder/PFC "Help"

Special Thanks To...

Special thanks to Boris Gasin & my husband, John, for helping me to learn all of this fun Web/PFC stuff...and putting up with me whilst I was...

Fred pointing to the PFC Cheat Sheet server (Located in Ohio)
Special thanks also to Fred Bollinger, the PFC Cheat Sheet host (TMCI)...  Pictured here, pointing to the PFC Cheat Sheet server (in Ohio).

Many thanks to all of you other angels out there also... Don Ader, Ron Worsham, Richard Aron, Randy Wells, Judy Cote, Ken Kellis, Jay Patel, ESCers, Steve Benfield, John Olson and other TeamSybasers, Rik Brooks, Ken Howe, Andrew "Brez" Bereznak,, Bob Fields, Nancy Arnold, James Drash, Michael Campbell, Greg Nieman, Todd DeRosa, William J. Walborn, Larry Cermak, Kent Marsh, Father Rob, Johannes Becher, Vaidyanathan Sriram, Vasantha Dammavalam, Sean Henriques, Daniel Fox, Mark Guo, Pat Catanzaro, Ken Yates, Alex Whitney and all of the other Powersoft PFC creators, and mom&dad&deb&pups... Really, they are all too numerous to mention here...



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