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"Cheat Sheet" for PowerBuilder/PFC "Help"

Download the Cheat Sheet Document

The Cheat Sheet Document is a downloadable version of the entire PFC Cheat Sheet site.  Of course, it does not include everything on the site, but it includes all of the main content.  This makes it even easier for you to browse and search the site, to learn where to go to get your PFC answers.

The download is available in the format of a Microsoft Word 7.0/97 document, a Microsoft Word 6.0/95 document, a Rich Text Format document, or as a WinZipped file equivalent for each document format.  The older formats were added by request, however the Word 7.0/97 is much preferred since the other formats do not support the newer features, plus the translated formatting is somewhat 'off'.

As always, it is free to anyone.  As a favor, please take a few seconds to sign the GuestBook to let me know what you think of the site and any ideas that you may have to improve it.  Thanks.


Revision History
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Microsoft Word 7.0/97:
ChtSht91.zip         664 KB
ChtSht91.doc   1,147 KB
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  Alternative Formats
   (by request) 


Microsoft Word 6.0/95:
ChtSht91_Word60_95.zip        820 KB
ChtSht91_Word60_95.doc   2,301 KB

Rich Text Format:
ChtSht91_Rtf.zip   1,626 KB
ChtSht91_Rtf.rtf    6,376 KB

05/1999   ChtSht92.zip
01/1998   ChtSht93.zip
10/1997   ChtSht94.zip
09/1997   ChtSht95.zip
08/1997   ChtSht96.zip
08/1997   ChtSht97.zip
07/1997   ChtSht98.zip
06/1997 Initial Revision ChtSht99.zip


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