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Computer Geek Emoticons

via my wonderful, yet Visual Basic-programming ;-) husband, John

Emoticons are ASCII (plain text) graphics. To read these, tilt your head to the left until the dots look like a pair of eyes. (BTW, the noses are optional.)

:-) user is smiling or joking

:-( user is angry or sad

:-o user is surprised or scared

:-@ user is screaming or cursing

:-I user is perplexed

:') user's tongue is in user's cheek; or user's nose is out of joint.Context counts for this one.

;-) user is being mischievous or sarcastic

8-) user wears glasses, and is smiling

:-# Well, shut my mouth!

Note: Cyber regulars frequently include additional clues to denote their frame of mind by enclosing information in brackets. Examples: (giggle),

(smirk), (chuckle),

(shrug), (sigh).



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