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Top 16 Signs You're Hopelessly Geeky

via my good programmer~friend Marcia Murphy

  1. Your screen saver: "Deep Blue Kicks Butt!"
  1. You spend hours prioritizing your list of questions you'd like to ask Commander Data if you ever meet him in person
  1. At the local Radio Shack, you're greeted like Norm at Cheers
  1. You're the head A/V technician on a space ship behind Hale-Bopp
  1. You receive a grant from the International Plaid Foundation
  1. You're 42 years old and you use the word "Wookie" at least a dozen times a day
  1. Slim Jims and Ding Dongs form the base of your nutrition pyramid
  1. Seven years, $60 million, and your new high-tech house still ain't done
  1. You have electrical tape holding your contact lenses together
  1. You prefer to be thought of as an "artist who works in the medium of ASCII"
  1. Discussions with your friends about the properties of dilithium crystals routinely lead to fistfights
  1. Your favorite Marx Brother? Zeppo
  1. You're not geeky at all, and neither are your kids: McCoy, Sulu, Uhura, and Scotty
  1. Your first and only attempt at foreplay ended abruptly when your own bow tie gave you a wedgie
  1. You *ask* your mom to buy you Toughskins


and the Number 1 Sign You're Hopelessly Geeky...

  1. You know how to say, "I can't go swimming -- I've eaten less than 2 hours ago." in 5 languages



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