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Fodder for Flamers

by some guy on some Newsgroup
via my wonderful, yet Visual Basic-programming ;-) husband, John

That's just because you're
constantly showing us all the
mannerisms and thought patterns
of an egotistical, self-possessed, arrogantly ignorant,
narrow-minded, painfully unimaginative,
totally uncreative science bigot,
who has no original insight of his own into reality,
but bases everything he knows about the world
on what he was told is so,
rather than thinking for himself for even one second,
while NEVER, EVER even considering the possibility
that his own logic system fit the criteria
he incessantly demands of anyone else's
with whom, through his own ignorance, he disagrees,
and hides behind the group mentality of whomever
he considers his "peers", no matter how ridiculous
their logical conclusions, which he dare not challenge,
may, and do, show themselves to be by physical reality,
due to their total lack of the capacity to conceptualize
anything other than what is spoon-fed to them
because they are unwilling and quite unable
to think on their own in order to extract
self-realized conceptualizations and interpretations
from a reality which is without any shodow of a doubt
so much more diverse, powerful, profuse, intricate,
sensible, orderly, intentional, and downright
divinely inspired, created, and maintained
than they can possibly realize from the
tiny shell of perception they so arrogantly presume
to be the be-all-and-end-all reference
by which to perceive it,
that they, for all intents and purposes,
have become the very hemorrhoids on the b*tt end
of the scientific mental matrix of humanity
which is keeping it from expunging
that in its mental body which has
literally become nothing more than the refuse -
the toxic, no longer usable, dead matter
which has, by its own intrinsic incompatibility
and perceptual unsuitability to that reality,
warranted its current poop-chute location
in that body in the first place,
and MUST be ejected by that body
to keep it from becoming irredeemably toxified
by those erroneously incomplete, self-destructive,
disfunctional modes of interacting with reality,
becoming more and more ill, and
eventually dying, before it is capable of
capacity for which it was created in the first place
in the body of Humankind.

Of course,
you COULD just be acting that way
every time you post,
and not be that way in real life.


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