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Time for God to Reboot

via Rik Brooks

God decided that it was time. He was going to destroy the Earth again. This time he decided to give warning to more than one person. He invited Bill Gates, President Clinton, Boris Yeltzin, and Amy Wells to a meeting in a house in Portageville, Missouri. He had to invite Amy, it was her house. He told them all of his plans and that they had 3 days.

Clinton and Yeltzin went into high level meetings to try to figure out what to do. Bill went back to Redmond, stopping for a day at a seminar. Amy hurriedly finished her crocheted quilt.

When Bill got back there was only one day left. He called a massive meeting of all his employees on the Redmond campus.

"I've got good news and better news." He said to all the freshly scrubbed faces. "First, God thinks that I'm one of the most important people on Earth. Second, tomorrow Netscape goes out of business."



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