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Dear Dr. GUI

by Dr. GUI
who is a columnist in the MSDN Developer News, for all of you real (non-MS) programmers
via my wonderful, yet Visual Basic-programming ;-) husband, John

Dear Dr. GUI:

I have a recurring problem that may be shared by other dedicated hackers out there. Often while I am cranking out code late at night, I get hungry and throw a slice of pizza into the old microprocessor. Sometimes I forget what I am doing and just scarf a huge byte. Needless to say, the hot gui cheese burns the roof of my mouth. If I act fast, I can recursively stuff in a few more bytes (without swallowing) before the pain process kicks in. However, once the pain starts, it steals more and more attention cycles until it is hogging the entire system. My mouth quickly becomes non-reentrant, effectively blocking the nourishment task. Taking a slug of Jolt cola only seems to enhance the pain process. After uttering a few choice 32-bit words, about the only thing I can manage at all is a quick, mindless game of Solitaire before I am forced to power down and go take some offline time. This, of course, puts a major crimp in my 22-hour-a-day development schedule.

I have tried opening another window to help the pizza cool, but what with the Jolt and programmer's calculator in one hand, the pizza and mouse in the other, and 20-thousand-odd lines of code meandering around in my skull, I usually end up with a UAE due to system overload and have to reboot.

Some time ago an acquaintance of mine (my wife) suggested that I get a Life, but I already have seven versions of that stupid game taking up valuable space on my hard disk. What do you recommend?

Dr. GUI replies:

I see nothing wrong with this lifestyle. Reminds me of the night before we shipped Windows version 2.03. Ah! Those were the days!



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