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"The Final Twelve Secrets Revealed - TEAM POWERSOFT: The Sequel"

note to Mark Pfeifer after reading his wonderful article in PowerTimes

Mark, I really enjoyed your "Secrets Revealed - TEAM POWERSOFT: WHO ARE THEY, WHAT MOTIVATES THEM?" article! Yes, alas, my eyes have been blessed with it <g>... Mark, say there will be a sequel, as not ALL secrets have been revealed <s> !! ...

"The Final Twelve Secrets Revealed - TEAM POWERSOFT: The Sequel"

12. TeamPSers get so much fan mail they have to allocate an extra 10-12 hours / week to simply say "Thanks for the kind words, <name here>"

11. TeamPSers do NOT want fame in a worldly sense, only in a virtual, faceless sense

10. TeamPSers use all their accrued fortune on Memory-, ISP-, NetConnection- and NetSoftware- Upgrades and computer accessories... usually forcing them to have to scrounge for other personal necessities like toothpaste

9. TeamPSers homes are wired for laptop connections in EVERY room, closet, exterior frontier, with a mobile backup for trips in cars and planes and such

8. TeamPSers do not log-on out of a sense of duty or obligation... They are driven to the well of questions like moths to light, like kids to candy, and like an addict to their "medicine" ... whatever they contribute comes rushing back tenfold, thereby escalating the cycle ... They secretly wonder if there could ever be a graceful end to this madness... In fact, many are currently enrolled in PBoholics Anonymous programs.

7. TeamPSers are so rich in karma, whatever they wish instantaneously materializes, walla miracle

6. TeamPSers are spirits in the various stages of the nine orders of celestial hierarchy... most at the "Powers" level, each married/betrothed to a spirit in a higher order than they

5. TeamPSers are required to have a minimum of an IQ of 184, regardless of their CPD status

4. TeamPSers challenge and pride themselves by seeing how few words/letters they can possibly limit themselves to and still answer the question, concisely and accurately, very manly

3. TeamPSers are a flock of angels whose combined mind power form a force field so powerful that anything is possible, even in PowerBuilder

2. TeamPSers are also REAL people (hard to believe)... So, compliments of PowerTimes, we are unveiling, the first ever from the TeamPS collection... Click below and feast your eyes on this special, limited edition, Conference '97, full page, full color photo <s> ! But first, for optimal viewing satisfaction, don't forget to set your resolution to 1600 x 1200, your colors to 24-bit (16 million), and install a 16MB video card... Enjoy!

1. -->> Click here for TeamPS photo <<--



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