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The astounding answer to: "Okay, if y'all TeamPS'ers are so smart, how come y'all ain't rich?"

take-off of note via my former coworker Michael Buadoo

Hey, all y'all TeamPS and Cornerstone guys/gals

Finally, a mathematical proof for the mind-boggling enigma why y'all are not just rolling, frolicking silly in the dough!...

...You're too much "in the know" <S>. .......Sharon

Every business savvy person knows:

Knowledge is Power.
Time is Money.

And, as every engineer knows:

Power = Work / Time

If Knowledge = Power, and Power = Work / Time, and Time = Money, then

Knowledge = Work / Money

Solving for Money, we get:

Money = Work / Knowledge

Thus, Money approaches zero as Knowledge approaches infinity, regardless of the Work done.

What this means is:

TeamPSers/CSers, The More you Know, the Less you Make.

Oh, well, at least y'all have Knowledge = Power (Builder that is)!

And conversely (in case you've ever wondered why ignorance rises to the executive level), Money approaches infinity as Knowledge approaches zero, regardless of the Work done.

What this means is:

The Less you Know, the More you Make.


I KNEW someone would eventually prove this!
[Source unknown][modified]



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