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hey, Hey, HEY !! ~~ Sharon's favorite computer geek humor!

Blah, blah, blab, blabby ...if you know Sharon, you know that she simply loves to Have Fun... Her philosophy is certainly *not* all work and no play! She works hard, and she plays hard, but most of the times, she works and plays hard at the same time!!...

I'm Overworked Smilie - Need a Fun Break! Fact is, programmers need more comic relief than any other profession in order to stay effective at keeping up with technology and keeping their "users" happy, and to at least stay partially sane. So anytime that you feel that overwhelming feeling like the bugs are simply getting harder and harder to figure out... or like computer stuff will never slow down... or you just can't handle one more upgrade, take a break and come here, my friend!

Don't read 'em all at once though, save some for later!

Ohh Kay!  Big Eyes Smile ready-to-go! Okay, now, not sure who to credit for most of these (but I tried in each) since they were simply electronic floaters... Speaking of which, for a preamble, let's begin with some "Real Humor" first... Okay, now for my favorite tripe...


The Latest...


The Evolution of a Programmer  ...Too true, too true!...



  1. How to tell if you are a true Computer Geek
  2. Computer Geek Philosophy
  3. For NewsGroup Junkies
  4. In the Life of a Computer Programmer
  5. About E-mail/Programmer Junkies
  6. Computer-Geek Relationships
  7. TeamSybase Humor
  8. CPD Humor
  9. Microsoft Corner
  10. Religion and Computers
  1. Bored Programmers
  2. The Language of a Computer Geek
  3. Dogs - On Computers and Life
  4. Y2K Fun
  5. Lagniappe
  6. Cool Computer Geek Library
  7. Challenge yourself
  8. The Best advice on Web design!
  9. Closing words

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How to tell if you are a true Computer Geek...

Top 16 Signs You're Hopelessly Geeky
"Real Humor" again, a Real-life Hopelessly Geeky Geek writes...

Real Programmers
"Real Humor" again, a Real-life REAL Programmer writes...

You've Been in Corporate America Too Long When...


Computer Geek Philosophy...

Maxims for the Internet Age

Murphy's Top 10 Laws of Computing
Murphy's Laws of Technology


For NewsGroup Junkies...

Guide to NewsGroup Contributors

Fodder for Flamers

Q: How many internet mail list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?


In the Life of a Computer Programmer...

Top 12 Things Likely to be said by a Klingon Programmer

Things To Say If You Get Caught Sleeping At Your Desk

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Jed...

This one says IT all

Top 20 Replies by Programmers When Their Programs Don't Work

Etch-A-Sketch On-Line FAQs

Top 12 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Tech Support

Potty Training - A Programmer's Guide

Status Report Interpretation Guide

Top 10 ways to tell if a Redneck has been using your computer

Computer Problem Report Form

New Lyrics to Beatles Songs...Songs to program by...

The Art of Writing Requirements

What if Dr. Seuss Wrote Technical Manuals?

Abort, Retry, Ignore?

The Good Ol' Daze


About E-mail/Programmer Junkies...

You know you're an E-mail Junkie when...
"Real Humor" again, a Real-life E-mail Junkie writes...

Dear Dr. GUI

Top Ten Signs Your Co-worker Is a Computer Hacker

Life on the Island

Warning: Deadly Virus!!


Computer-Geek Relationships...

Computer Gender

Merits of a Mistress

Top 11 Reasons Why Computer Geeks Make Better Husbands
"Real Humor" again, a Real-life Computer Geek Husband writes...

Wife Software Upgrade


TeamSybase Humor...

"TOP 10 Ten Reasons Why The Borg Won't Post His Jpeg"

"The Final Twelve Secrets Revealed - TEAM POWERSOFT: The Sequel"

The astounding answer to: "Okay, if y'all TeamPS'ers are so smart, how come y'all ain't rich?"

Reasons for allowing "Castle Beer" drinking at work


CPD Humor...

Sharon's Personal CPD Humor!... 8-) "Zen and the Art of CPD Maintenance - We're having fun NOW!" ~~ Click Here

CPD Professional Mantra/Testing Coping
Thoughts to get you through almost any crisis (including flames and CPD torture!)


Microsoft Corner...

Microsoft Error Messages

How Things Would Be Different If Microsoft Built Cars

Microsoft God

How things would be different if Microsoft was headquartered in the South

Time for God to Reboot

Soup a la Microsoft
Bill Gates chooses between Heaven and Hell

Religion and Computers...

God as a Computer Programmer
In the beginning


Bored Programmers...

95+ Ways to annoy your Cubemate
The Top 15 Signs You Have Nothing to Do at Work

The Language of a Computer Geek...

Proper "New Phrases" - Warning: Rated PG-13!

Useful Phrases at Work

Generation X Office Lingo

Computer Geek Acronyms
Computer Geek Emoticons
All the Computer Geek Acronyms!


Dogs - On Computers and Life...

Top 20 Reasons Dogs Don't Use Computers

Things we can learn from a dog


Y2K Fun...

Click Here to visit our sponsor - Take the Y2K Quiz!
<Y2K> Are You Prepared for Y2K?  Take the QUIZ! </Y2K>

Thought for the Day:  Isn't it ironic that we call the problem "Y2K" when it is abbreviations that got us in trouble in the first place?
Thought for the Decade:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Thought for the Millennium:  Save everything you can on Y2K...Thataway, you'll be prepared for Y3K <g>

The Heroes of Y2Knew3.gif (158 bytes)

A Two-Digit Date ... Still can't get this one outta my head...

Millennium Pie ... Another stuck in my head...  And a Classic to boot...

'Twas The Night Before Y2K

Y2K Toons

Y2K Problem Solved

Y2K Bug?

Windows 2000



The Game (betwix the Programmer and the Engineer)
Four Engineers
Year 2000
Jingle Gates


Cool Computer Geek Library...

Bytes of Wisdom Cover Hardcopy Bytes of Wisdom book (Every programmer has gotta get one o these! Only $5!), ISBN 1-56138-719-3

Click here to order from Amazon!


Top 25 Titles for SHORT Books... Short? Well then, we know Sharon's latest won't be listed there <s>


Challenge yourself at: http://junior.apk.net/~jbarta/idiot/idiot.html (PFCer's can Win! Honest!!)


The Best advice on Web design! - Sucky to Savvy
Inlcudes - Top Ten Ways To Tell If You Have A Sucky Home Page


Last, but certainly not least... Be sure to get your daily dose of ...     or    JokeADay.gif (2494 bytes)    or     Amused    or     Tiramisu


Smile Line

Hey, why not share your favorite computer geek joke?... mailto:"Sharon Weinstrom Buntz" <sbuntz@texas.net> Thanks!

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