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PB Best Books - Rave Review

The Definitive DataWindow The Definitive DataWindow
I give it Five Stars!

Rik alone has what it takes to pull off this book and make it worthy of its center-stage star

the very heart and soul of PowerBuilder, 

the __Data_Window__ !

1024 Pages of Pure DW!

Simply a MASTERPIECE ~ An instant CLASSIC!

Hurry & $$$ave!
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The Definitive DataWindow
zooms-in, in-depth, on the DataWindow and everything related to the DataWindow.  Many similar books cover the DataWindow as a subset of their content, but they do not even scratch the surface compared to Rik's.  Rik's is more of a lifetime "dissertation", one worthy of a DataWindow doctorate!



Rave Reviewed By:
Sharon Weinstrom Buntz

by Richard Brooks
ISBN 020170224X

Whether you are...
Just learning PowerBuilder
A 2-tier DataWindow wizard
Taking the DW to the web 

This book is for you!

"Part tutorial, part reference, and part practical guide", every DataWindow designer will discover DW delights.

Hats off to Rik's unique and ingenious invention!   "The Definitive DataWindow" ~ As the name says it all, it is a one-of-a-kind, thorough, extensive literary work on the DataWindow, by a true PowerBuilder Master.

PowerBuilder Programmers will enjoy this fresh, new, direct approach to knowledge of the very essence of PowerBuilding, mastering the DataWindow.

PowerBuilder Programmers, from Apprentice to Master, will learn from it.  Apprentice PowerBuilder Programmers will benefit immensely from Rik's "brain-dump", which transfers years of intimate knowledge of the entire art and science of PowerBuilding, exploring not only the "how-to" but also the "why" and all of the roads in between.  And Master PowerBuilder Programmers will relish and fully appreciate Rik's golden Tips and Techniques sprinkled throughout the chapters... not only all those convenient and pertinent "Note" jewels, but also the entire chapter dedicated to such as well.

In today's tech world, there is so much that you need to know, and very little time to learn it all. This book will properly immerse novices, as well as encourage seasoned programmers to continue their quest for deeper knowledge and understanding.  Any "true PowerBuilder Programmer", past, present or future, will want to add this instant classic to their collection.

This book is UNIQUE.  Extraordinary.  Inspired.  Original.  To be treasured.  Special.  Unlike any other PowerBuilder book on the market.

First off, this book focuses only on the DataWindow, and in-depth, like no other.  That gives it its flair.

And that makes it timeless.  The DataWindow is the original and enduring footprint of the PowerBuilder product.  It remains the core, the constant, the cornerstone, the focal point of PowerBuilder itself.  It has, and always will, persevere, whereas other aspects of PowerBuilder may be interchanged with other components, languages and/or technologies.

Secondly, Rik's book is not dry and boring like most all technical books tend to be.  And lastly, to sum it up in a way that is hard to put in words, I see Rik's book as an exciting and intense learning adventure, one that I think of also as...

Zen and the Art of DataWindow Mastering; A Rikky Way of Knowledge

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig 
+ The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda

To me, Richard Brooks is a great Programmer Philosopher of our times.  A true Master of the art of PowerBuilding.  A faithful mentor and inspiration to others who seek Mastery as well.

Rik's style is enlightening.  Creative.  Witty.  Entertaining.  Close & up-front.  Personal.  Rik takes you by the hand and sits beside you. His passion for teaching shines through every page.

Just as Rik claims, there is a "single cohesive style throughout", as it is pure Richard Brooks, through and through.

One of my personal favorites that I find particularly useful is Rik's ample pictorials.  Oh, how a picture says it best!  I want to "see" it, and Rik shows it.  And a fine job he does at it to boot.  I just love those little superimposed bubbles with Rik's pointer and comments.


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