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Sybase Magazine, free and online too, A quarterly hardcopy and online magazine from Sybase, http://www.sybase.com/inc/sybmag/info.html , http://www.sybase.com/inc/subscribe.html .


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PowerTimes offers a special PowerBuilder User Group rate. Ask the sponsors of your PBUG to sponsor the entire PBUG membership to receive PowerTimes. Everybody wins...

The sponsors get great recognition from PowerTimes ads and grateful PBUG members,
The members get the pleasure of a free subscription to a wonderful magazine, and
The PBUG gets recognition as well!


PowerTimes, electronic copy (Adobe Acrobat 3.0 format), Don't miss Boris Gasin's "PFC Place" (a continuing series on the PFC), International PB magazine, A long-time favorite of mine, $45.00 / 6-issues, mailto:"Rolf André Klaedtke" <rak@powertimes.com>, mailto:"Mark Lansing" <mlansing@powertimes.com>, Download a free copy from here http://www.powertimes.com/


PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal (PBDJ), online too, Don't miss John Olson at the "PFC Corner" (a continuing series on the PFC), A very popular and well-known PB magazine, $14.00 / issue, $149 / year(12-issues), SYS-CON Publications, Inc., 39 E. Central Avenue, Pearl River, NY 10965-9813, (800) 513-7111, (914) 735-1900, http://www.PowerBuilderJournal.com


Powerline Quarterly, free and online!, Subscription Department (Direct Marketing), 561 Virginia Road, Concord, MA 01742-2732, (800) 395-3525, http://www.sybase.com/inc/powerline/index.html


dart.gif (863 bytes)  Now defunct magazines...

PowerBuilder Advisor, online too, $7.99 / issue, $39 / 6-issues, P.O. Box 469016, Escondido, CA 92046-9763, [Sorry, but unfortunately this magazine is no longer publishing new issues. Back issues are still available. Some articles are still available online http://www.advisor.com/wArticle.nsf . And there is a very handy "1996 PowerBuilder Advisor CD Rom" available at http://www.advisor.com/wHome.nsf/wPages/PAmain?OpenDocument . This CD Rom contains the entire year of issues and source code from the Companion Resource Disks. The prices are as follows: U.S. $49, California $52.80, Canadian $59, International $59] ... In memory of this wonderful magazine... Click here to meet the PFC Creators!

PowerStudio Developer's Journal, Tips and techniques for PowerStudio (PB, PFC, PowerJ, etc), Domestic: $17.00 / issue, $159 / year(12-issues), Outside US: $19.00 / issue, $179 / year(12-issues), Ziff-Davis The Cobb Group, 9420 Bunsen Parkway, Suite 300, Louisville, KY 40220, (800) 223-8720, (502) 493-3300, mailto:cobb_customer_relations@zd.com or mailto:power_studio@cobb.com , Download a free copy from here http://www.cobb.com/forms/psd/cu5233.htm ... Unfortunately, this journal (which was just trying to get off the ground) is being cancelled because of low subscriptions.

PowerBuilder & Java Journal On-Line, free and online!, Online Webzine, http://www.pbmag.com/


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