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"Cheat Sheet" for PowerBuilder/PFC "Help"

PB Unmoderated NewsGroup - comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder

Description: This newsgroup is for general PowerBuilder questions.
This newsgroup is unmoderated.
Note that you may also easily search for some general PFC-related topics here.
Name: news:comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder
Be sure to follow some rules of  Netiquette1, Netiquette2
Where you can Search archives: http://www.deja.com/ using keywords +comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder +PFC
To check this list's FAQ: http://www.teleport.com/~wagnerc/powerbuilder_faq.html
(maintained by Craig Wagner)
Search Tips: Submit either a Deja or an AltaVista search using keywords:

comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder AND PFC

+comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder +PFC

‘AND’ tells the search engine that both keywords must be found
‘+’ does the same… and ‘%2’ translates to a ‘+’


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