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"Cheat Sheet" for PowerBuilder/PFC "Help"

PFC/PowerBuilder Top Tools

Table of Contents

  1. Y2K Tools
  2. Browsers and Compare Utilities
  3. PFC Class Libraries
  4. Build/Regeneration/Deployment Tools
  5. Design/PFC Application Generator Tools
  6. Debugging Tools
  7. Documentation Tools
  8. Suite of Tools
  9. Misc Tools
  10. Database Tools
  11. Conversion Tools
  12. Language Translation Tools


Y2K Tools

Note:  Be sure to check out the PFC/PB Y2K FAQs at http://www.pfccheatsheet.com/PFCY2K.htm

Click Here to visit our sponsor - PB Code Analyzer

Y2K Code Analysis, That's just ONE of the many amazing things that this slick product has to offer.   Download a free trial copy today!  PB Code Analyzer http://www.AscensionLabs.com/pbcodeanalyzer.htm .  Also check out their Y2K page at http://www.AscensionLabs.com/pbt_pby2k.htm .


PB/2000, Worried about The Year to come? Check out this PowerBuilder Year 2000 analysis software today!  John Olson rates it the most sophisticated tool for PB Y2K preparation [PBDJ Feb,1999].   Work smarter, not harder...  http://www.consultforte.com/pb2000.htm .

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 Are You Prepared for Y2K?  Take the QUIZ!

Year 2000 Live Training, Check out Developower's Year 2000 live training at http://www.developower.com ...  Are You Prepared for Y2K?  Take the QUIZ!

Migration Assistant, free, Don't forget about this super-search tool that you already have at your fingertips.   (Included with PowerBuilder 6.0)  If you are not willing to spend any extra money, at least take a few hours to scan your application with the Migration Assistant.  As John Olson says, "Those few hours might open your eyes to problems you didn't think you had."


Browsers and Compare Utilities

Click Here to visit our sponsor - PB Delta V3
PBDelta V3 is even better!

PBDelta, only $47 (Desktop), $580 (Site License), Recommeded by the experts such as Cecil O'Brien Owens, Jr. to compare your PB PBLs as well as your individual PB objects... This one's a real time saver... I personally think that it is the coolest comparison program that I have ever seen or ever imagined!! Download it for a free trial from Ken Howe's site at http://www.pbdr.com/software/pbdelta.htm .

Click Here to visit our sponsor - PB Code Analyzer

PB Code Analyzer, You simply MUST check out this slick tool!  http://www.AscensionLabs.com/pbcodeanalyzer.htm .

PBBrowser, only $29 (Desktop), $49 (Enterprise), Recommended by the experts! Yes, Team Sybase members such as Steve Benfield and Boris Gasin are adamant fans of this here little jewel of a Shareware tool by Mike Niemann. This tool is an enhanced PB IDE (Development environment for looking at your PowerBuilder objects). Cecil O'Brien Owens, Jr. also says that anyone using the PFC should not be caught without it... Those gurus are right, too. With PBBrowser you can see it all, all at the same time, it's wonderful! Download it for a free trial from http://www.oowidgets.com .


PFC Class Libraries

Click Here to visit our sponsor - Cynergy Systems EAF

Enterprise Application Framework (EAF), free, compliments of Cynergy Systems.  Be sure to check out this new PB-based Framework for EAServer applications...  Designed and written by the architects of the PFC!  http://www.cynergysystems.com 

Rivertonís HOW OpenFrame, PFC-compatible Framework and tool for EAS applications, (617) 588-0500, http://www.riverton.com , http://www.riverton.com/product/appserver.htm .

Click Here to visit our sponsor - jecFrame  

jecFrame, PFC-based Framework for distributed applications, mailto:jec@jecsoft.com, http://www.jecsoft.com/prod01.htm .

PFCPlus, free, compliments of Greenbrier & Russel http://www.gr.com.  Although this PFC-based class library was discontinued since 6.0, you are still welcome to download the 5.0 version for free from http://www.pfccheatsheet.com/Pfeplus.zip .  Then pick and choose from it.

Cornerstone, Truly the Leader of the Pack in PFC-based class libraries, by Spectrum (formerly named Financial Dynamics) and CCS Consulting, is a popular one that was developed in full compliance with PFC's architecture and design philosophy. It is great and wonderful and has already been proven extremely successful in many PFC projects, (800) 486-5201 ext 6508, http://www.findyn.com and http://www.findyn.com/fdiweb/pages/cornerst.htm .

PFCTool, A PFC-based class library from PowerCerv, (813) 226-2600, http://www.powercerv.com/Tools/index.htm , mailto:sales@powercerv.com .

PowerClass, A PFC-based class library from ServerLogic, (425) 803-0378, http://www.serverlogic.com/powerclass.cfm , http://www.serverlogic.com/contactus.cfm .

FrameBuilder Class (FBC), A PFC-based class library from TIKAL Software Industries Ltd, +972-3-6488618, http://www.tikalsoft.com/framebui.htm , mailto:products@tikalsoft.com .

**  Editorial about PFC by CODE PFC Vendors

**  "Do you use PFC or CornerStone? Will you continue to use it?"  Survey says!


Build/Regeneration/Deployment Tools

Click Here to visit our sponsor - AppCentral

AppCentral, Develop and distribute powerful PFC based applications in record time with this PFC Development Environment and Delivery System, http://www.flash.net/~cimibifi .

PowerGen, Take control of your Builds with this ingenious tool, Regenerate right and Say good-bye to GPFs... No PowerBuilder programmer should be without it, recommended by Team Powersoft gurus such as Jon Credit, by E. Crane Computing, (603) 746-6208, http://www.ecrane.com .


Design/PFC Application Generator Tools

Riverton "HOW" object design tool, Learning edition packaged with PowerBuilder 6.0, HOW is "the first practical, approachable, foundation-class based object design and component assembly environment for N-tier PowerBuilder business application development". From first-hand experience, Cecil O'Brien Owens, Jr. says HOW "is the most fantastic product to come down the pipe since PB itself", Steve Benfield also embraces this product (see his review in April 1997's PBDJ), (617) 588-0500, http://www.riverton.com .

PowerDesigner’s AppModeler 6.0, from Powersoft, http://www.sybase.com/products/powerdesigner/appmod6.html .

Object Composer, Get a quick headstart on the PFC with this PFC Application Generator, (888) BUS-SOFT, http://www.bsisoft.com, mailto:info@bsisoft.com.


Debugging Tools

Click Here to visit our sponsor - PB Spy

PB Spy, A built-in debugger for your PowerBuilder application which offers a set of services for you to diagnose your PFC-based application and pinpoint bugs quickly, SoftApproach Corporation, (800) 268-9898, mailto:softprch@softapproach.trigger.net , http://www.softapproach.com/ .


Documentation Tools

Click Here to visit our sponsor - PBDoc

PBDocNewly Improved! Only $55.95, The only usable documentation...  straight from the code to HTML...   PBDoc is a template-based documentation tool for PowerBuilder applications, PBDoc reads the source code of your application (where programmers are most likely to keep doc up-to-date), then using a fully-customizable template, it automatically generates a ready-to-use, state-of-the-art HTML file, http://www.pbdr.com/software/pbdoc.htm , mailto:khowe@pbdr.com .

Casual Writer, only US$65 (Shareware), HKD500.00, Generates easy-to-read charts, graphical diagrams and system documentaion from your PowerBuilder libraries, http://www.geocities.com/ck4hung , mailto:ck4hung@yahoo.com .

PowerDoc, Documentation tool used by Steve Benfield in his excellent training materials, Catapult Systems, (800) 581-7354, http://www.powerdoc.com, mailto:powerdoc@CatapultSystems.com .

CorDoc, Development and documentation (enhanced PB IDE) tool recommended by Team Powersoft Jon Credit, Corsoft Corporation, $399, (800) 3CORSOFt, http://www.corsoft-corp.com, mailto:info@corsoft-corp.com .


Suite of Tools

ObjectSmith, Another set of tools recommended by the Team Powersoft gurus such as Larry Cermak, (see article in recent PB Advisor for details), helpful tools by Greenbrier & Russel, (800) 453-0347, http://www.gr.com/software/smith.html , mailto:software@gr.com .


Misc Tools

PBPaste, Try this little jewel of a PBPasting tool!  Download a trial copy at the PBDR site at http://www.pbdr.com/software/pbpaste.htm .

SmartPaste, Check out this nifty PowerPasting tool and work smarter not harder!  Download a free copy at the ROMU Software site at http://www.romu.com/smartpaste/ .  Available for PB 7.0.

Bitmap Client, Shareware, Ever wanted to spice up your application's MDI frame? Not so easy in PowerBuilder, is it? ... Well, Bitmap Client allows you to easily do this!, Check out this Shareware product as well as other free products at The CATsoft Site at http://www.catsoft.ch (navigate to Products).


Database Tools

Click Here to visit our sponsor - XPEDITER/SQL

Compuware's XPEDITER/SQL, Stored Procedure development and debugging workbenches, a set of three products to help Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server programmers, Download a free evaluation at http://www.numega.com/evaluations .

CAST SQL-Builder,  Stored Procedure and Trigger development and debugging workbench, for Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, catering to PowerBuilder and Visual Basic applications.  CAST SQL-Builder allows you to step through stored procedures and triggers, set breakpoints, view/change the contents of all parms/variables, do adhoc queries against tables and temp tables during the execution of the proc, and so much more.  Download a free evaluation of CAST Workbench from http://www.castsoftware.com/Products/Discover/discover.html .

SQL Navigator,  by Quest Software, for Oracle, http://www.quests.com  .

SQL Programmerhttp://www.sfi-software.com .

Platinum Technologyhttp://www.platinum.com .

PL/SQL Developer,  by Allround Automations, Download a free 30-day trial at http://www.allroundautomations.nl/plsqldev.html .


Conversion Tools

PowerMorph, 100% automated conversion tool which provides a rapid, economical and risk-free conversion solution from Oracle SQL*Forms 3.0 to PowerBuilder, developed by MetaMorph Technologies in conjunction with Sybase, +44 (0) 1628 28550, Fax: +44 (0) 1628 28999, http://www.metamorph.co.uk , info@metamorph.co.uk .


Language Translation Tools

Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder Enterprise, Easily Translate your PFC to other languages, Includes localized versions of the PFC in Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish, Available on 5.0.03 CD or the Infobase, http://www.sybase.com/products/beta/beta_info/transdes.html ...

More info here: http://www.sybase.com/products/powerbuilder/bldgappwp.html
here: http://techinfo.sybase.com/css/techinfo.nsf/DocId/ID=47736
here: http://techinfo.sybase.com/css/techinfo.nsf/DocId/ID=47737
and here: PM 58 Using the Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder http://www.sybase.com/Events/psuc97/cdrom/pm058.zip


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