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PowerBuilder User Group Meetings

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PowerTimes offers a special PowerBuilder User Group rate.  Ask the sponsors of your PBUG to sponsor the entire PBUG membership to receive PowerTimes.  Everybody wins...

The sponsors get great recognition from PowerTimes ads and grateful PBUG members,
The members get the pleasure of a free subscription to a wonderful magazine, and
The PBUG gets recognition as well!


  • If you are    an ISUG member, you get an additional $75 discount off of a Sybase conference.
  • If you aren't an ISUG member yet, you can join ISUG for free when you register for a conference.

  When registering, there is a box to check to join for free.
(The $75 conference discount is used to pay your membership.)


International Sybase User Group http://www.isug.com/
Sybase Events http://www.sybase.com/Events/index.html
User Groups - United States http://www.sybase.com/events/userg/16a.htm
User Groups - International http://www.sybase.com/events/userg/166.htm
Swiss PowerBuilder User Group http://www.spbug.ch/
New Jersey PowerBuilder User Group http://www.dynamictechgroup.com/njpbug/home.asp
As a convenience for fellow Texans...
User Group Meetings in key TX cities
Sybase User Group of Texas
San Antonio

Central Texas (Austin)
Dallas/Fort Worth


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