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Sybase Conferences

Table of Contents

  1. Sybase TechWave Australasia 2000
  2. Sybase TechWave 2000
  3. Sybase TechWave '99 in Orlando - Photos and Presentations
  4. Swiss Conference '99
  5. Sybase Conference '98 in LA
  6. Sybase Conference '97 in Nashville

Conference 2000 - TechWave 2000  in  Australia!
< Sybase TechWave 2000 >TechWave 2000 Australasian

The International Sybase Conference is an adventure in learning

Sybase TechWave Australasia 2000, the first Sybase Conference of the new millennium, combines the annual International Sybase User Group (ISUG) Australasian conference, the Powersoft Conference, and the Partner Conference into one unified event.

When: February 28 - March 1, 2000
Where: Sydney Hilton - Sydney, Australia

Details here...  Or email aus_events@sybase.com



Conference 2000 - TechWave 2000  will be in Orlando again!

TechWave 2000 will be in Orlando again!

The Sybase/Powersoft Conference is held once a year.  Highly recommended! You can absorb more information than you can imagine at one of these. And itís fun, too.

Mark your calendars for < Sybase TechWave 2000 > !
Meet your PB friends and have fun in Orlando...

  • If you are    an ISUG member, you get an additional $75 discount
  • If you aren't an ISUG member yet, you can join ISUG for free when you register for the conference!  

When registering, there is a box to check to join for free.
(The $75 conference discount is used to pay your membership.)

When: July 29 - August 3, 2000
Where: The Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan - Orlando (Lake Buena Vista), Florida

Details here


Conference '99 - TechWave 1999  in  Orlando
If you missed TechWave '99 in Orlando, here's what you missed...
Conference '99 photos, TeamSybase & PFCer Edition

Conference '99 photos, PFC Poster Signing

Conference '99 photos, Personal Edition

Also, if you missed TechWave '99... You can view the slides and the audio/video clips online...
To view the recorded Webcast of the keynote presentation

The eleven Sybase press releases that were launched in sync with the opening of the TechWave conference

Main TechWave '99 Page:

Master Presentations:
http://www.sybase.com/techwave99/presentations (logon ID and password protected*)

AD262 - Programming with the PowerBuilder Foundation Class (PFC)
http://www.sybase.com/events/techwave99/presentations/Ad262.zip (logon ID and password protected*)


*Note:   Unfortunately, you need a logon ID and password to download the presentations.   I asked  Sybase.Techwave@sybase.com if it is okay for me to publish one here, but unfortunately the request was declined.   Perhaps in the near future they may open them up to the public.



Swiss Conference '99
Click Here to visit our sponsor - Swiss PBUG Conf '99   Swiss PowerBuilder User Group Conference '99

Check out the impressive line-up of speakers like John Olson, T. Carson Hager, Mark Pfeifer, Bob Hendry - just to to name a few!  Have fun in Switzerland and Learn a lot, too!  Details available at http://www.spbug.ch/conf_index.htm

This one has already passed, but look forward to next year's!



Conference '98  in   LA
If you missed Powersoft Conference '98 in LA, here's what you missed...
Conference '98 photos, Team Powersoft & PFCer Edition

Conference '98 photos, Personal Edition

Also, if you missed Powersoft Conference '98, don't worry... You can view the slides and the audio/video clips online...

Kertzman a PFC TPS fan, proudly waving their awesome book

Check out the Web Cast of opening session keynote by Sybase Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mitchell Kertzman:
sysconradio_Steve_Java.jpg (13418 bytes)

Steve Benfield and David Shiver Debate!

Also check out some live PBDJ audios recorded live at the conference!
Master for PM (afternoon) presentations:

PM319 - Using PowerDesigner to Jump-Start PowerBuilder PFC Projects

PM320 - Using the PFC 6.0 LUW Service

PM321 - Using the PFC 6.0 TreeView Control

PM322 - Increasing Distributed PowerBuilder Speed with ORB-Type PFC Services

PM602 - Beginning with the PFC

PM603 - Rearchitecting a "Legacy" PowerBuilder Application to Use the PFC

PM605 - Case Study: Extending the PFC Security Module

PM606 - Stored Procedures, Databases, and the PFC



Conference '97  in   Nashville
If you missed Powersoft Conference '97 in Nashville, here's what you missed...
Conference '97 photos, Team Powersoft Edition

Conference '97 photos, Personal Edition

Also, if you missed Powersoft Conference '97, don't worry... You can view the slides and the video clip online...
Master for PM (afternoon) presentations:

PM 40 - New Features in the PFC Library (PFC 6.0) - by PFC Development Teamsters - Mark Overbey and Claudio Quant

PM 41 - Techniques and Design Strategies to Use on the PFC Library - by Howard Block, administrator of pfcsig

PM 77 - Customizing the PFC Library - by Earl Clark, Powersoft

PM 76 - PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library - by PFC Dev Team Mbr Brian Grimm, & Jackie Green, PS Tech Support

Also, the cute Web Cast of the opening session can be viewed at

Lastly, for a raw index of all the .zip files check



The Local, "Mini" Conferences are the next best thing.  They are usually only a day or so, cost around $100 to $300.  They are usually presented by other companies.



For more info from the PFC Guide...

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