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Think like the programmer that you are... Learn to search, and you can find WHATEVER you are looking for! ...
Search the PFC Sybase Newsgroup Either manually search the newsgroups
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Or Search Archives:
Try PFC Guide's Newsgroup Search at: 

-or- Go to Deja at: http://www.deja.com/  
and search for the name of the newsgroup, adding any other desired keywords as well. For example:

powersoft.public.powerbuilder.pfc security
powersoft.public.* security
sybase.public.* transaction
Search the PFC Guide http://www.pfcguide.com/search.asp
Search the archives of pfcsig Mail List
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Search all of Sybase's Info
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Browse Handy List of PFC Sybase Faxbacks
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Search Sybase Faxbacks
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Search Sybase's Infobase for reported bugs
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Search the PBDJ Forum http://www.sys-con.com/pbdj/board.htm
Search the comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder NewsGroup
(for PFC topics)
http://www.deja.com/ using keywords +comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder +PFC
Search the Cheat Sheet

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Site Summary - Where to go to get your PFC Answers

PFC Guide  
Boris Gasin[TeamSybase] (Dynamic Technology Group's) PFC Guide http://www.pfcguide.com
PowerBuilder Developer's Web Ring  
Bob Kawasaki's PB Developer's Web Ring http://members.aol.com/bjk2343/homepage/webring.htm
Sybase   Sybase  
Please see the Sybase Contacts
Cheat Sheet page for lots of details

Listed here are the top picks...

Sybase Super Tech Search |
Tech Info Library
PB Faxback Search

PB Online Doc-7.0,6.0,5.0

| Bug Rpt Tips

...PFC 7 Release Notes:  PB 7.0.2   |   PB 7.0.1   |   PFC 7.0 + PB 7.0
...PFC 6 Release Notes:  PFC 6.5.1 + PFC 6.5.1 Y2K + PB 6.5.1   |   PFC 6.5 + PB 6.5   |   PFC 6.0 + PB 6.0
...PFC 5 Release Notes:  PFC 5.0.04 + PFC 5.0.04 Y2K + PB 5.0.04 EBF#3 (includes Y2K fixes) + PB 5.0.04
...PFC 5 Release Notes:  PFC 5.0.03 + PB 5.0.03   |   PFC 5.0.02   |   PFC 5.0.01
...PFC/PB Release Downloads:  Maintenance Downloads
...PFC Upgrade Check List: Cheat Sheet Upgrade Check List | PFCGuide Migration Check List | Faxback #44505

Search Mail Lists Also, see more above under Where to go
Searchable archives of Powersoft Newsgroups! Try PFC Guide's Newsgroup Search at: http://www.pfcguide.com/_newsgroups/search.asp
-or- Check out Sybase's Super Tech Search at: http://support.sybase.com/fd_search.html
-or- Go to Deja at: http://www.deja.com/ and search for the name of the newsgroup, adding any other desired keywords as well.
See example at Where to go and here
Searchable archives of pfcsig Mail List http://www.mail-archive.com/pfcsig@rssi.com
Searchable archives of PB-L Mail List http://www.reference.com/cgi-bin/pn/listarch?list=PB-L@plearn.edu.pl
Searchable archives of PBHelp Mail List http://www.onelist.com/archives.cgi/pbhelp
Searchable comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder NewsGroup http://www.deja.com/ using keywords +comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder +PFC
Search/Browse PB-L & comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder FAQ http://www.teleport.com/~wagnerc/powerbuilder_faq.html
Subscribe/Unsubscribe Mail Lists  
Handy Subscribe/Unsubscribe PB Mail Lists http://www.opcenter.net/~david_levine/pblmlist.html
Search Engines  
Deja Search Engine http://www.deja.com
Altavista Search Engine http://www.altavista.com
[TeamSybase] Web Sites  
Official TeamSybase Web Site http://www.teamsybase.com
Boris Gasin[TeamSybase] (Dynamic Technology Group’s) PFC Guide http://www.pfcguide.com
Bill Green[TeamSybase] SBA & Business Object Papers/Books http://www.concentric.net/~Bgcastle
Jon Credit[TeamSybase] Papers (Containers & SBA) and More http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/~jcredit
Eric Aling[TeamSybase] Tips, Links, References, etc. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/alingejj
Breck Carter[TeamSybase] Tips, Articles and Reference http://www.bcarter.com
Larry Cermak[TeamSybase] Tips & Techniques http://www.branick-inc.com/pbmain.htm
Useful PB Sites  
Bob Kawasaki's PB Web Ring http://members.aol.com/bjk2343/homepage/webring.htm
Rik Brooks' Dojo ~ Lots! Comprehensive, Funny http://www.texasmob.com/dojo
Ken Howe, Brian Suter & Navdeep Chadha's Tips & Software http://www.pbdr.com
Woodger Computing, Inc.'s PFC Intro & Tips http://www.woodger.ca/pfc_top.htm
justPBinfo http://www.justpbinfo.com/
Free PB http://www.freepb.com 
David Levine’s .PBL PowerBuilder Links and More http://www.opcenter.net/~david_levine
Alexis' Ark ~ Alexix Leon http://www.corporatepark.com/lnl/alexis/
Eric Egnet's PowerScape Hundreds of PB-Related Links http://www.tiac.net/users/fisher/powerbuilder/
Michael Harmon’s Links & PB-L Mail List Info http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Heights/7207
PurePower's PB Tips, Articles, Links and Jobs http://www.magicnet.net/purepower
Ted Coombs' PowerBuilder Interactive, Variety of Topics http://science.org/tedc
Bob Kawasaki's PowerBuilder Links http://members.aol.com/bjk2343/homepage/pblinks.htm
Genesis's PFC Extensions, Tips, Overview, Faxbacks http://www.genesis-software.com/pfc.htm
PowerBuilder Online Classes http://www.applied-software.com/
CentraSoft's "PowerBuilder Hot Spots on the Net" http://www.centrasoft.com/pbspots.htm
Shine Technologies’ Developer’s Sandpit http://www.shinetech.com/pbindex.html
C.K. Hung's PowerBuilder Tips, Freeware and Shareware http://www.bigfoot.com/~casualwriter/
Jiggy's PowerWeb http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/3837/
PB Newbie http://www.ashok.pair.com/
Cary's PowerBuilder Tips http://lonestar.texas.net/~chakes/powerbui.htm
Marty's Elements of PB http://www.strategic-alt.com/powerbuilder/pb_dir.htm
Don Salomon's PowerBuilder API Site http://choa.com/api/
WINUSER.H Online http://VBHome.Simplenet.com/C++/headers/headers/WINUSER.H
PFC Help from Ascension Labs http://www.AscensionLabs.com/pbt_pfchelp.htm
PB Products plus Lots of PB Tips (including Y2K) http://www.AscensionLabs.com/pbtopics.htm
PB Resource Tips from DVL Software http://dvl-software.com/pbtips/resources.htm
PowerBuilder Developer's Network http://pbdn.homepage.com/
Top Training, Classlibs & Tools  
Steve Benfield, Top Training http://www.stevebenfield.com/
Greenbrier & Russel- PFCPlus (free) and ObjectSmith http://www.gr.com
PBBrowser (Handy tool for working with your PFC objs) http://www.oowidgets.com
PBDelta (Handy PBL/object comparison tool) http://www.pbdr.com/
Object Composer (Headstart on PFC) http://www.bsisoft.com
PowerDoc http://www.powerdoc.com
CorDoc http://www.corsoft-corp.com
PowerGen (Take control of your Builds) http://www.ecrane.com
Riverton "HOW" object design tool http://www.riverton.com
The CATsoft Site (Place a picture in your MDI frame) http://www.catsoft.ch
Applied Software PowerBuilder Online Classes http://www.applied-software.com/
CPD practice exams  
PB/PFC Wizzards!   I won $600 here... So can YOU... Win up to $1,000!
List me sbuntz@texas.net as your referral & then I'll win $100 if you win! Thanks!
PB E-Certifications Online
Compete for highest score & display their official logo when you pass
CertifyOnline - CPD Online Courseware http://www.CertifyOnline.com
CentraSoft's CPD Buster 5.0 http://www.centrasoft.com/cpdbst50.htm
PowerPrep by D.O.C. Software http://www.docsoftware.com
PowerScore by PowerConcepts http://www.powerconcepts.com/powerscore.html
Applied Software - CPD Online Class http://www.applied-software.com/
SYS-CON Pubs  
SYS-CON Publications (PBDJ, books, etc.) http://www.sys-con.com
SYS-CON PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal (Magazine) http://www.PowerBuilderJournal.com
SYS-CON PBDJ Magazine - Digital! http://www.sys-con.com/pbdj/pdf/
SYS-CON Publications Books http://www.sys-con.com/books/books.htm
SYS-CON Radio http://www.sys-con.com/radio/indexpsoft.html
PowerTimes Pubs  
PowerTimes - International PowerBuilder Journal http://www.powertimes.com/
Other (defunct) Online Pubs  
PowerBuilder & Java Journal On-Line Webzine http://www.pbmag.com/
PowerBuilder Advisor (Magazine) http://www.advisor.com/wHome.nsf/wPages/PAmain?OpenDocument
Powerline Quarterly http://www.sybase.com/inc/powerline/index.html  
PowerBuilder Jobs  
PurePower's PowerBuilder Jobs http://www.powerbuilderjobs.com
PowerBuilder Jobs via justPBinfo http://www.justpbinfo.com/jobs/jobs.htm
Texas Computer Jobs http://www.texas.computerjobs.com/
More Texas Computer Jobs http://www.texasisjobs.com/
More PowerBuilder Jobs http://www.powerstaff.com/
...etc... http://www.monster.com


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