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Sorry, but this mail list has been discontinued... Please see pfcsig instead.


Description: This was DelWare Consulting Group’s mailing list.
This was an open, unmoderated discussion mailing list dealing with PFC questions relating to all versions of PowerBuilder.
This mail list was intended for PFC or PB questions and topics.
Sponsor: DelWare Consulting Group at http://www.DelWare.com
List Administrator: John De Lello at JohnD@DelWare.com
Where you can Search archives: none
To subscribe/unsubscribe: Send an email addressed to: iMailSrv@DelWare.com
containing the following text in the message area:

subscribe pbpfc <FirstName> <LastName>

unsubscribe pbpfc

Be prepared for lots of emails though! ... Check out these E-Control Tips!

Also, be sure to follow some rules of  Netiquette1, Netiquette2

To subscribe/unsubscribe easily: http://www.opcenter.net/~david_levine/pblmlist.html
To send an email to group: PBPFC@DelWare.com
Tag auto-appended to bottom of all messages: ===========================================================
This List brought to you by DelWare Consulting Group. Visit
our site http://www.DelWare.com   today!

Please, no employment posts!

To unsubscribe send mail to iMailSrv@DelWare.com


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