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Think like the programmer that you are... Learn to search, and you can find whatever you are looking for ~ anywhere! ... Okay, crash course...
  • You can use * (asterisk) as a wildcard in place of one or more variable letters
  • You can use logical operands such as or (the default), and and not
  • You can even group your search criteria with ( ) parentheses
  • You can ignore UPPER/lower case, searches will find matches on the lowercase form of all words
  • Single ' and Double " quotes don't seem to work here, but usually you can search for an exact match using them
hello world
finds pages with 'hello' or 'world'
equivalent to hello or world
hello and world
finds pages with both 'hello' and 'world'
hello not world
finds pages with 'hello' but not 'world'
(hello not world) and ROFL
finds pages with 'ROFL', plus 'hello' but not 'world'
finds pages with 'hello' or 'world' after lower(word)
finds pages with words starting with 'yo', as in YOU and YOUR





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